Danger men - anger me

    Adverse effects of DHEA supplementation include:

    Acne and pimples
    Acne can occur due to increase levels of androgens. There are those who are very prone to acne eruptions and they could have pimples develop within a day or two. I know others who have taken this androgen hormone for months and years without any skin problems.

    Emerge is one of 15 certified programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    During our abuser education groups, we examine the harmful behavior abusers have chosen throughout their rel  ationships in order to improve their relationships with others.

    Anger can potentially mobilize psychological resources and boost determination toward correction of wrong behaviors, promotion of social justice , communication of negative sentiment, and redress of grievances. It can also facilitate patience. In contrast, anger can be destructive when it does not find its appropriate outlet in expression. Anger, in its strong form, impairs one's ability to process information and to exert cognitive control over their behavior . An angry person may lose his/her objectivity, empathy, prudence or thoughtfulness and may cause harm to themselves or others. [10] [16] [17] There is a sharp distinction between anger and aggression (verbal or physical, direct or indirect) even though they mutually influence each other. While anger can activate aggression or increase its probability or intensity, it is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for aggression. [10]

    Anxiety happens when a part of the brain, the amygdala, senses trouble. When it senses threat, real or imagined, it surges the body with hormones (including cortisol, the stress hormone) and adrenaline to make the body strong, fast and powerful. This is the fight or flight response and it has been keeping us alive for thousands of years. It’s what strong, healthy brains are meant to do. 

    Danger Men - Anger MeDanger Men - Anger MeDanger Men - Anger MeDanger Men - Anger Me