The sisters of mercy - the unofficial theme to angel heart

    Due to the success of the single the band signed with WEA Records, however citing an inability to work with Eldritch, Gunn left the band prior to the release of their debut. Wayne Hussey proved his more than capable replacement and recorded on Sister of Mercy’s debut full-length “First and Last and Always” released in 1985. The record was well received and the supporting tour raised the band’s profile to cult status. However, following the Black October Tour Marx left to form the group Ghost Dance and Adams and Hussey departed and formed The Mission.

    Then I was in Edmonton, which is one of our largest northern cities, and there was a snowstorm and I found myself in a vestibule with two young hitch-hiking women who didn’t have a place to stay. I invited them back to my little hotel room and there was a big double bed and they went to sleep in it immediately. They were exhausted by the storm and cold. And I sat in this stuffed chair inside the window beside the Saskatchewan River. And while they were sleeping I wrote the lyrics. And that never happened to me before. And I think it must be wonderful to be that kind of writer. It must be wonderful.

    Founded in 1831 by Mother Mary Catherine McAuley, and quickly dubbed "the walking Sisters," the congregation of Roman Catholic women now known as the Sisters of Mercy moved beyond convent walls to walk amid and serve the poor, the sick and the uneducated of their day. Such "secular" work outside the convent was unusual at the time because most communities of women religious were cloistered, working only within convent walls. The availability of these new Sisters of Mercy, to carry the works of mercy to those in need, caused the congregation to spread with unusual rapidity. These were women "capable of combining personal spirituality with a pioneering spirit of initiative and independence," as the American founder Mother Frances Xavier Warde once put it.

    The Sisters Of Mercy - The Unofficial Theme To Angel HeartThe Sisters Of Mercy - The Unofficial Theme To Angel HeartThe Sisters Of Mercy - The Unofficial Theme To Angel HeartThe Sisters Of Mercy - The Unofficial Theme To Angel Heart