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    I always knew why I would ALWAYS laugh when I would see the scenes with Kenya an Phaedra, ha ha and hee heeing together!! ALL that Phaedra said to Kenya tonight about her interfering in her marriage and flirting with appolo, was ONLY what Phaedra been harbouring in her heart all this time for Kenya! I KNEW they could NEVER be true friends 😂🤣😂and for Kenya to have thought that it was possible, shows how stupid Kenya was for thinking it😂🤣Phaedra will NEVER truly forgive Kenya for that, but I’m also glad how bravo showed those flashbacks to also show how DANGEROUSLY FAKE Phaedra can be😂🤣😂

    I recently stayed at Kandi Towers apartment in Angeles for $50/night on Airbnb (~2600 pesos). I took some pics of the 70sqm, one bedroom ,10th floor unit with balcony ...

    If you’re new to you can also sign up via this blog for a free $35 to put towards your first booking. There’s currently one Kandi Towers unit for daily rental listed on the site.

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